Submitting Trial Protocols

Are you interested in submitting a clinical trial protocol. You can submit it to us, and we will post it. Prior publication of protocols is common in human health ( . Our aim is to provide a place for veterinary researchers with the same opportunity.

We recommend that authors follow reporting guidelines like SPIRIT to organize the protocol

Please note that we do not do peer reviews for protocols. We prefer protocols published on an institutional website or a repository like the open science framework (

Publishing clinical trial protocols serves many purposes, such as:


• Allowing for comparison of results by incorporating the outcomes of subsequent trials and duplicate studies

• Drawing inferences from trials and helping end-users differentiate preplanned from post hoc comparisons, which are subject to random error

• Giving owners assurance that their involvement in trials makes a real difference and that their research generated significant findings

• Improving the planning and quality of pet research studies through constructive criticism of clinical trial designs

Formatting Your Submission

The protocol should be written using all headings listed in the SPIRIT 2013 statement. It’s a widely endorsed international evidence-based standard with recommendations for the minimum content of a clinical trial protocol.

The recommendations are outlined in a 33-item checklist and figure with each item detailed in the Explanation and Elaboration paper. If a particular heading is not relevant, include it but leave it blank. Please note that we do not do peer reviews for protocols.

Looking for More Information?

If you have concerns or would like to learn more about Meridian Network’s research reporting guidelines, kindly send us a message.


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