Reporting guidelines for clinical trials in pets

The PetSORT guidelines for reporting controlled trials on domestic dogs and cats. The reporting recommendations checklist has the rationale and scientific background for its 25 items with examples of well-reported trials. The current standards of publishing clinical trials conducted in dog and cat populations are not optimal, based on studies evaluating the reporting of clinical trials in pet populations (Sargeant et al 2021 and Sargeant et al 2010). Using these findings, over 50+ experts (see below)in academic, industry, clinical, and government research and regulatory practices formed a consensus statement and reporting guidelines for pets.

Ruple A, Sargeant JM, Selmic LE, O'Connor AM. The standards of reporting randomized trials in pets (PetSORT): Methods and development processes. Front Vet Sci. 2023 Mar 30;10:1137774. doi: 10.3389/fvets.2023.1137774.

Sargeant JM, Ruple A, Selmic LE, O'Connor AM. The standards of reporting trials in pets (PetSORT): Explanation and elaboration. Front Vet Sci. 2023 Mar 30;10:1137781. doi: 10.3389/fvets.2023.1137781.

PetSORT Working Group

The members of the PetSORT Consensus Group are (in alphabetical order) 

Aarti Kathrani (The Royal Veterinary College),
Adrian Boswood (The Royal Veterinary College),
Aiden P. Foster (University of Bristol),
Alexander J. German (University of Liverpool),
Allison L. O'Kell (University of Florida),
Amy K. LeBlanc (National Institutes of Health),
Benjamin M. Brainard (University of Georgia),
Carolina H. Ricco Pereira (The Ohio State University),
Caroline Mansfield (University of Queensland),
Chad M. Johannes (Colorado State University),
Christopher Loss (The US Food and Drug Administration),
Courtney Shaw (The US Food and Drug Administration),
Cynthia Bashore (The US Food and Drug Administration),
Dan O'Neill (The Royal Veterinary College),
Dana N. LeVine (Auburn University),
Daniel L. Chan (The Royal Veterinary College),
Dave Brodbelt (The Royal Veterinary College),
David J. Argyle (The University of Edinburgh),
David M. Vail (University of Wisconsin-Madison),
Douglas H. Thamm (Colorado State University),
Erika Berger (National Institutes of Health),
Jeffrey N. Bryan (University of Missouri),
Jenna H. Burton (Colorado State University),
Jessica M. Quimby (The Ohio State University),
Karin Allenspach (Iowa State University),
Kristen M. Weishaar (Colorado State University),
Laura L. Hungerford (Virginia Tech),
Lisa M. Freeman (Tufts University),
Marnie L. Brennan (University of Nottingham),
Michael G. Conzemius (University of Minnesota),
Michelle A. Giuffrida (University of California, Davis),
Natasha Olby (North Carolina State University),
Nick Jeffery (Texas A&M University),
Nicola Di Girolamo (Cornell University),
Nicolas Granger (Highcroft Veterinary Referrals),
Philip J. Bergman (VCA, Clinical Studies),
Philipp Mayhew (University of California, Davis),
Ralf Mueller (Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich),
Richard Evans (Thomas Jefferson University),
Robert B. Rebhun (University of California, Davis),
Rodney L. Page (Colorado State University),
Sandra L. Lefebvre (American Veterinary Medical Association),
Sarah A. Moore (The Ohio State University),
Steven Budsberg (University of Georgia),
Susan Lana (Colorado State University),
Thierry Olivry (North Carolina State University),
Unity Jeffery (Texas A&M University),
Wanda J. Gordon-Evans (University of Minnesota),
William S. Dernell (Washington State University),


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